On Fri, Jul 02, 2004 at 06:14:28PM -0500, Chris wrote:
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> 5.2.1-RELEASE
> I tried using this command to change the location where my core dump
> is being written:
> sysctl kern.corefile="/var/coredumps/%U/%N.core"
> After doing that, new core dumps didn't show up there. I tried
> creating the directory (wasn't sure if it would be created with the
> first core dump or not) and chmod it to 0777 just to make sure it was
> writeable by any process - still no core dumps there.
> Is there a way to put it back the way it was, where the core dump ends
> up in the working directory as programname.core ?
> Thanks, Chris

I never touched it, so here's the default value: 

# sysctl kern.corefile
kern.corefile: %N.core

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