I have been working with FreeBSD for a while now (several years), but never on any professional grade hardware. Well, this is going to change with my new server. It will have a hardware raid attached to it.
For this purpose I am looking for an implementation of Softpartitions as they exist on Solaris when using Disksuite/SolarisVolumeManager.

I don't need anything that will configure a software mirror or raid, I just need softpartitions to split up the LUN which will be created by my storage hardware.

I browsed the vinumvm website but haven't really seen anything about it. Do I need to look towards vinum, or is there something else I am missing ?
The server won't be build untill Q4 this year, so I'm hoping to utilize any 5-RELEASE that may come up then since I'm already a fan of the current -CURRENT which I actively use on my laptop.

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