What is the function of the archived flag?

  I am running FreeBSD 4.9 with kern.securelevel = -1.

  I am using vnconfig with a msdos diskimage to mount
  it using the command:

      mount -t msdos /dev/vn0c /usr/wine/disk

  After I mount it I notice that the /usr/wine/disk
  directory and all files and directories below it
  posess the flag attribute: "arch" when I list
  them using "ls -lo".

  Try as I might, I cannot remove that flag even
  as root and even in single user mode. The
  command I am using is:

     chflags -R noarch /usr/wine/disk
  What is the use of this flag? I find no
  explanation of the flag in the man
  I am getting strange behavior with
  the application that I am running and I
  suspect this "arch = archived" flag may
  be the cause; I would like to understand
  the meaning and use of the archived flag.
                Ed Alley
                [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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