I have been trying for several days to get XFree86 going with my LCD
monitor, but to no luck.
GeForce FX 5200
BenQ FP991 19" LCD monitor with DVI-S and HD-15 connectors.

I shelled out a little extra for this monitor *specifically* for its
DVI port, but it just simply won't work with FreeBSD. Slackware Linux
10 runs fine on the monitor on the same computer using X.Org server.

 I read on google search results that DVI monitors need a Refresh rate
of 60Hz. At first I did not know which one were they talking about,
which happened to by Vertical Sync, so I set that to 60 and did a
startx, nothing.

Monitor displays a "no input signal" messages and the light blinks.
Then I installed nvidia drivers and tried, it got worse, I could not
get my console back, while the system had not crashed, the display
just would not come back, so I had to do a blind reboot.

I then read somewhere that with some monitors, there is a problem with
DDC, they lie about their digital sync rates suitable for display on
the DVI port and report the analog port settings instead. I found out
that I had to add:

Option       "NoDDC"       "1"     (or "true")

to XFree86. I added the line, typed startx and was dissapointed yet
again. Same "no input signal" message on the monitor again.

I figured that if X.org server worked under Linux, then it should work
with FreeBSD without problems, but I can't even try that since X.org
port will refuse to install (already sent an e-mail in that regard to
this group).

Can anyone show me a way out of this mess? Should I try an ATi
graphics card? Is there some configuration blunder that I'm making?

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