On Sat, Jul 03, 2004 at 11:24:35PM -0700, 3BSD wrote:
> Is there a solution to this or is it simply broken and awaits the
> attention of the port maintainer?

Please.  Assume at least a minimal amount of competence on the part of
port maintainers.  Ports, especially of big and important software
systems like the X.Org server and clients, are not allowed to sit
around in an obviously broken and uncompilable state.  There would be
a great deal of traffic all over the freebsd-x11 and freebsd-ports
mailing lists if such breakage did occur.  Even if there was breakage
occuring that could not be fixed immediately, a 'BROKEN=' flag would
be set in the port Makefile, with a message explaining the problem.

No, the immediate conclusion has to be that you are doing something
wrong.  You don't give us any information that will allow us to say
precisely what, but I will hazard a guess that since you tried to
install XFree8604.x you have the imake-4 port installed.  That won't
work with the X.Org stuff, but it will fool the ports system into
thinking that everything is OK.

You need to de-install imake-4 and install imake-6 instead:

    # portupgrade -o devel/imake-6 -f imake-\*

Then try the X.Org installation again.



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