On Mon, 5 Jul 2004 17:49:32 +1000 , [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> I would like to telnet into my 4.9 RELEASE box using root.  Currently when I
> try to telnet in as root I get the reply
> "LOGIN root REGUSED (NOROOT)".  Does anyone know how I can configure my
> system to allow root to directly telnet in.  I know that I can telnet in as
> a standard users then 'su' to switch to root.  Is there any reason why I
> should configure my system so that I can telnet in directly as root?
> Thanks.

It's not recommended. At all. It's highly insecure. If you're still
determined to do it, though: You will need to add the keyword 'secure'
to the end of the lines in /etc/ttys that look like ttypN (where N is a number).

Again, you really should be using SSH instead of telnet if you value your
system at all.

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