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Brett Wiggins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> spake thus:

> Hi,
>    I am having some problems setting up an internet gateway for my home network. My 
> gateway machine has two network cards, one connected to my ADSL modem and the other 
> to a switch and my internal network. My gateway machine (FreeBSD) can connect to the 
> internet and it can ping machines on my local network. Machines on my local network 
> run windows.
>      ISP
>       |
>       | 
>      ADSL
>      MODEM
>       |
>       |
>     FREEBSD           |----- MACHINE A
>     MACHINE           |
>       |               |
>       |-------SWITCH--|----- MACHINE B
>                       | 
>                       |
>                       |----- MACHINE C
> So Far I have recompiled my kernel with the following options added;
>    options IPFIREWALL
>    options IPDIVERT
>    options TCP_DROP_SYNFIN
> I then edited /etc/rc.conf
>    gateway_enable="YES"
>    firewall_enable="YES"
>    firewall_script="/etc/rc.firewall"
>    firewall_type="OPEN"
>    firewall_quiet="NO"
>    ppp_enable="YES"
>    ppp_mode="ddial"
>    ppp_nat="YES"
>    ppp_profile="netspace"
>    ifconfig_rl0="inet"
> Then I edited ppp.conf with the following;
>    nat enable yes
>    nat log yes
>    nat same_ports yes
>    nat unregistered_only yes
>    enable dns
> That is where I got up to now i'm stuck and don't know what to do next. Any help 
> with this would be great.
> Brett



I'm afraid I don't know a great deal about using IPFW but it seems to me
that ppp.conf is probably not the place to put your NATD rules. man natd
gives some good advice on setting this up. I included some links that
show how to use IPF and IPNAT to accomplish the task your working on. I
personally found them easy enough to read and follow however I am
confident that if you google a bit more you will find equally good
documentation that focuses on IPFW. 


Luke Kearney <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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