On Monday 05 July 2004 06:11 am, Javier Ramirez wrote:
> Hi
> I´m try to install kde 3.2.3 in my freebsd i386 5.2.1
> the port to kde 3.2.3 only install kde 3.1.4
> and this is a error,
> I´m  try to install from *.tbz files, and get a list of dependency
> error........
> so,
> how to install kde-3.2.3 in my computer?
> please!!!

Hi, Javier

Look at


They have packages for 5.2.1 and that is by far the best initial 
installation. The gcc 3-x compiler is really slow. They also have an 
upgrade shell script.

Joshua Moore wrote more about this as a reply to you on 
freebsd-questions and he started by pkg_deleting arts, qt, quanta, 
kde*. He left out koffice, which also needs to be rebuilt using 3.2.3.


Kent Stewart
Richland, WA

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