1. What is the command for ejecting the cdrom?

2. Do you know if viruses exist in freebsd, like in

3. When I issued a netstat command, and i see  
something like 192.135.15... connected to
192.262.33..., what is the command for terminating
such connections?

4. When I issued a "alias ls ls -FGh" how can I make
this alias for 'ls' permanent? And where are the
individual manpages for those built-in commands

5. Does any version of freebsd supports mounting,
reading, and writing of ext3fs partitions of linux? 

6. Can freebsd turn off my monitor or any other
peripherals of my pc in a given idle time, like the
"stand by" in Windows? How?(just the link)

7. What is the correct way of rebuilding my ports? In
freebsd sources, I do a make buildworld and then make
installworld. How do I do it in my ports collection?
(e.g; make buildports, make installports??? :-)

that's all folks

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