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> On Monday 05 July 2004 08:35, Louis LeBlanc wrote:
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> > Anyone have any suggestions?
> I have a SBLive with 5.1 (5 channel sound with subwoofer[.1]) and have the 
> following in loader.conf:
> snd_pcm_load="YES"              # Digital sound subsystem
> snd_emu10k1_load="YES"          # Creative Sound Blaster Live
> And the sound card works

kldstat shows the following:
                102 pci/snd_emu10k1
. . .
                114 snd_pcm

so snd_pcm is already loaded.

I suspect I've been "Delled".   The card was a preinstall at the Dell
factory, and after a lot of googling last night, I discovered that the
version of this card installed by Dell is modified.  This link:
has a little detail about the oss driver for the Dell modified SB
Live! card.

I downloaded the driver and tried to install it as described, but I
keep getting the following:
# ./oss-install 
Checking for any previously installed sound drivers... 
There is another sound driver loaded. Unload it and try again.

But when I try to kldunload the drivers, I get:
# kldunload snd_emu10k1.ko
kldunload: can't find file snd_emu10k1.ko: No such file or directory

This is turning into a real pain.

Anyone know if the Dimension 8300 onboard sound is easier to get
working?  If I can't return it to Dell, I'll probably wind up putting
the card in another machine.

Thanks for the response.

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