On Mon, Jul 05, 2004 at 09:23:20AM -0700, Mark Jayson Alvarez wrote:
> Hello,
> Questions:
> 1. What is the command for ejecting the cdrom?

# cdcontrol eject

> 2. Do you know if viruses exist in freebsd, like in
> Windows?

In about 6 years of using FreeBSD I've never heard of one, or had a
machine affected by one.  I couldn't say that they don't exist, but I
can say that you probably won't be affected by one.

> 3. When I issued a netstat command, and i see  
> something like 192.135.15... connected to
> 192.262.33..., what is the command for terminating
> such connections?

I'm not sure that this is possible?

> 4. When I issued a "alias ls ls -FGh" how can I make
> this alias for 'ls' permanent? And where are the
> individual manpages for those built-in commands
> located? 

Add the alias command to one of your bash(?) config files - probably
either ~/.bash_profile or ~/.profile, perhaps ~/.bashrc.  See the bash
man page.

> 5. Does any version of freebsd supports mounting,
> reading, and writing of ext3fs partitions of linux? 

Not sure about this.
> 6. Can freebsd turn off my monitor or any other
> peripherals of my pc in a given idle time, like the
> "stand by" in Windows? How?(just the link)

This would be a function of ACPI or APM.  Are there any options in your
BIOS that control this?  If you are using X you can use the `xset'
command to determine when the monitor is blanked, suspended, then
finally turned off - see the xset man page and specifically see the dpms
> 7. What is the correct way of rebuilding my ports? In
> freebsd sources, I do a make buildworld and then make
> installworld. How do I do it in my ports collection?
> (e.g; make buildports, make installports??? :-)

What you probably want is the port called "portupgrade":
sysutils/portupgrade. Install it then check out the man page.
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