Hello All,

I've been using FreeBSD at work to develop some USB hardware. I'm using FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE on a 550MHz PIII with a UHCI USB controller. While I was in the lab a couple of weeks ago I was getting slow performance with FreeBSD. I tried changing many things in my device's firmware to see if I could fix it. None of them did. (The same device works fine on Win2K, BTW)

You can check www.blindbox.com/usb/usbcomp.html for a bit more detailed description.

It seems to me that the FreeBSD driver "skips" a USB frame every so often. I wanted to check with someone to see if this was a common problem. The FAQ said if in doubt where to ask, ask on freebsd-questions. So, Does the FreeBSD UHCI driver suffer from slow performance for anyone else? or has this been fixed since 5.1-RELEASE?


Mark Turpin (mturpin at mainstreettech dot com)

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