In the last episode (Jul 06), Richard Bradley said:
> I recently tried to add a user to my FreeBSD box, but was amazed to
> find that the / partition was full! I had a look, and the culprit is
> the "/rescue" folder, holding 135 statically linked binaries of
> nearly 4Mb each, giving a folder size of 491Mb!

Check the inode number of each file in /rescue (ls -li /rescue). 
You'll notice they're all the same, which means they're all hardlinks
to the same file.  "du /rescue" should report under 4MB.

Your space is probably being taken up somewhere else.

> What is going on here? I read the "rescue" manpage, and while it
> might be a nice thing to fall back on, I can't justify it over being
> able to add user accounts.

You missed this section:

     The /rescue tools are compiled using crunchgen(1), which makes
     them considerably more compact than the standard utilities.
        Dan Nelson
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