I have a problem with named in my LAN. My notebook
is sometimes attached to this network and sometimes

Everything works well when the network cable is plugged-in.
Without the network cable (same network settings), the following

- sendmail is waiting for timeout while booting (ok, this is
actually not a big problem, just a little bit annoying)
- host anyhost needs 30 seconds to return with a timeout
- starting any X-application takes 2 minutes 30 seconds till
  it appears on the local display

Remarks about X:
- XFree86 is configured not to accept TCP connections
- the problem above does not occur when running the X-server
  without a WM and with twm (affects KDE, Gnome, Xfce)

Why does the resolver need 30 seconds to look up a host
when named is offline? Isn't it possible to configure
it to react on "no route to host" (for named's IP) correctly?

Something has changed with XFree, which since recently looking
up hosts (localhost?) when starting an X-application. How do
I turn it off?

I'm running -CURRENT (2004/07/01).


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