On Mon, Jul 05, 2004 at 11:15:33AM -0400, pat seddon wrote:
> Help I need commands to get system working . Booted to motd page but can`t get to 
> the directories.

You sound as if you need to learn about the unix basics -- commands
like ls, cd, more, cp, mv etc.  There's a bit in the FreeBSD handbook:


but you might find the "Introduction to Unix" course from Ohio State
to be more to your taste:




PS.  Why are you using such an old version of FreeBSD?  2.2.8 came out
in December 1998, and it's way out of any active support.  Unless you
have a specific need for 2.2.8 (eg. specific hardware support) I'd
strongly suggest updating to an up-to-date version -- 4.10 is probably
your best choice -- certainly if you're going to put that system on
the public internet.

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