Brad Waite wrote:

Thomas Moyer wrote:

Brad Waite wrote:

Hey all,

Decided to move into the Gigabit world yesterday and picked up a SMC
9452TX for my 4.10-STABLE box.  I rebuilt the kernel with the sk device
and while it works somewhat, I'm getting 'sk0: watchdog timeout' errors
and the card goes down for a few seconds before waking back up.  This
happens under relatively light traffic, too.


I seem to be getting these same timeouts as well. I'm using the integrated NIC on the ASUS P4P800-E Deluxe Motherboard.

What's the chipset on the board? And is it a single-proc? I'm running two P-IIs on my Intel MB440LX.

It is a single P4 chip with an Intel Chipset 865PE & ICH5R
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