On Tuesday 06 July 2004 09:15 am, Steve Bertrand wrote:
> I often have the need to remove hundreds or even thousands of files
> from a single directory (very often). Using rm, I usually get:
> pearl# rm -rvf *
> /bin/rm: Argument list too long.
> Is there any way to work around this instead of having to select a
> small bunch of files at a time to remove?
> The directory I am trying to remove the files from is always hot, so
> deleting the directory is unfortunately not an option. (I don't
> think).
> Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
> Tks all,
> Steve

You could always write a short script that reads and loops through the 
directory contents; and deletes one file (or a group of files) at a 
time.  It would take a little longer, but at least it would be 

Andrew Gould
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