* Hugo Silva <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [0731 16:31]:
> Hi list,
> I have been considering using vmware instead of bsd jails for a virtual
> server provider. Jails are far too limited (1 ip only, quotas = per-jail
> fs,etc). I have never tried vmware with freebsd as a guest os, so I don't
> know if these limitations would apply..
> What are your personal experiences ? Does vmware work flawlessly with
> freebsd as a guest OS ? (host will be freebsd 5.2.1) Should I stick to
> jails instead? Any suggestions welcome!

I've used it on NetBSD and its pretty good, but very slow.
Crashed a lot too. But it was running windows. well, kazaa.

Have you thought of Xen?

(no url, google it, I'm not your mum :} )

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