First, I've found a solution. The nsswitch.conf file is helpful
for my scenario. You can set "hosts: files dns" and the timeouts
will never happen.

Am Tue, den 06.07.2004 schrieb Bill Moran um 14:42:

> It's a standard timeout.  The resolver isn't aware of the status of parts
> of the network stack below it ... it just waits for 30 seconds for a reply
> and then gives up if none comes.

It actually sends more queries than just one. That's why it takes that

> Make sure that /etc/hosts has every possible name for your machine in it,
> in addition to "localhost".  Any time I've seen one of those WMs get hung
> up on DNS, it was becuase it was trying to verify its own host name.

I don't expect any traffic when using X-apps locally and while TCP is
switched off.


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