Duane, there have always been issues with this aspect of APM.  I
have found it sufficient to run two X servers to handle the issue.
Most of my software runs in an X session without DRI enabled and
then when I want to run accelerated 3D I just start up another X
session with DRI enabled.

For example, this can be done by running the following command from
an xterm in the first (normal, non-DRI session):

startx -- :1 -xf86config XF86Config.dri &

I've got DRI enabled in the XF86Config.dri file (which just resides
under /etc/X11 along side the default config file) and this command
starts up an X session on ttyv9 (alt-ctrl-F10).  Be sure that you
use a different window manager in your .xinitrc if you use either
Gnome or KDE!!

When I want to suspend, I just shut down the accelerated X session
and then when I resume I can start it back up again without ill

I hope this helps!


> Does anybody know if there is a workaround for the problem with DRI
> and 
> APM within X?
> If I load the DRI module in my XF86Config file, and attempt to
> suspend 
> my laptop, the system freezes on resume, then reboots.
> If I comment out the line "Load dri" out of the Module section in 
> /etc/X11/XF86Config, all is well.
> But now I don't have direct rendering capability, correct? I don't
> think 
> I have any apps yet that need direct rendering, so it probably isn't
> a 
> huge deal (yet), but I would like to have it enable if possible.
> Does anybody know of a solution or simple workaround for this
> problem?
> Thanks,
> Duane Winner
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