On 8 Jul 2004 at 1:52, Miguel Cardenas wrote:

> Hello
> Am new to FreeBSD... just installed it for 2nd time today, but don't know what 
> I did that it didn't ask me for the network configuration (ip, domain, 
When you got to the HD partitioning in the beginning of setup you should have deleted 
the entire disk, then repartitioned it. If you kept the partitioning from your first 
install the 
setup routine will look in the excisting folders and use what it finds there....
> etc)... once installed, is there a command to perform that task?
It all goes into the /etc/rc.conf file. Use your editor to make changes if you do not 
what you find.
> I'm linux user, so am familiar to *nix systems, but don't know how to 
> configure the network specifically on freebsd...
> Thanks for any comment,
> Mike

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