I have been busy setting up a network the last 3 days, but I cannot get it

Basically I have no clue what has to be setup etc. and if I need bridging or

The situation is as follows:

                    | SDSL Modem |
                    |  Bridged   |
                |    xl0:    |
                |                        |
                |    Freebsd Box         |
                |                        |
                |           xl1          |
         |---------------| SWITCH |---------------|
         |               ----------               |
         |                    |                   |
------------------- ------------------- -------------------
| C1: | | C2: | | C3: |
------------------- ------------------- -------------------

The FreeBSD box has full internet connectivity and I can also get NAT
working, but the thing is that I need those non-private IP's bound to the
clients and I need ipfw between the clients and the modem. Also I need the
FreeBSD machine to have a non-private IP address. I have no clue as to
getting the packets from those clients to the internet. I tried bridging xl0
and xl1 and using as gateway, but that didn't work.

Maybe someone that knows how to do something like this can shed some light
on it for me?

Thanks in advance.

Terrence Koeman
MediaMonks B.V. (www.mediamonks.com)
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