I am developing a habit of keeping a record what I am doing on the system.
The best solution I have come with to run script(1) in the .login file. Here 
is the line in the .login:

/usr/bin/script -q $HOME/adminlog/`last | head -1 | awk '{print $3}'`-
`date "+%Y-%m-%d-%Hh-%Mm-%Ss.log"`

It create a file in the 
$HOME/adminlog directory. I guess that I need to know my IP, date and time 
and activities. This works ok this far.

The only thing I can not avoid is to have two times control-D when I need 
to exit the system as said even in the man of script(1), see below:

"The script ends when the forked shell (or command) exits (a control-D to
exit the Bourne shell (sh(1)), and exit, logout or control-D (if
ignoreeof is not set) for the C-shell, csh(1))."

How other admins are doing to have a record of their activities while on the 
system? I looked on ports in the sysutils and could not find port matching 
this object.

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