I have a backup connection on an ADSL line with an IP address provided
by DHCP. My main line, which has static IPs, hosts my Bind 9.2.3 DNS
server. I don't have control of the DHCP server for the backup line,
it's simply provided by the ISP.

I'm using dhclient from -CURRENT on i386, dated June 17 2004.

I'd like to have dhclient on the backup line update a DNS entry in one
of my zones so that I can always reach my network via the backup line at
the same name. I'm following as well as a
similar thread from the freebsd hackers lsit from last November:

I set up the named.conf on the DNS host as follows (IPs aren't mangled
... they're dyanmic, after all :-)):

key "" {
        algorithm hmac-md5;
        secret "<my secret generated from dnssec-keygen>";
view "us" {
        match-clients { MyNets; };
        // Master zones
        zone "" {
                type master;
                file "master/";
                allow-transfer { MyNets; AccessComm; };
                // for dynamic DNS
                allow-update { key; };
                // Note: I've also tried:
                //update-policy {
                //      grant name
                // A TXT;

And I've set up dhclient.conf as follows:

### Keys and DDNS (see
send fqdn.fqdn "";
send fqdn.encoded on;
send fqdn.server-update off;
key {
        algorithm HMAC-MD5;
        secret <my secret generated from dnssec-keygen>";
zone {
interface "xl0" {
        send dhcp-client-identifier "adsl";
        send host-name "adsl";

When I add "dhclient_flags="-v"" to /etc/rc.conf and run
/etc/rc.d/dhclient restart, I get:

Releasing DHCP leases: xl0.
Starting dhclient.
Internet Software Consortium DHCP Client V3.0.1rc12
Copyright 1995-2002 Internet Software Consortium.
All rights reserved.
For info, please visit
Listening on BPF/xl0/00:01:02:2d:17:47
Sending on   BPF/xl0/00:01:02:2d:17:47
Sending on   Socket/fallback
DHCPDISCOVER on xl0 to port 67 interval 6
DHCPREQUEST on xl0 to port 67
bound to -- renewal in 6982 seconds.
        inet6 fe80::201:2ff:fe2d:1747%xl0 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x2
        inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast
        ether 00:01:02:2d:17:47
        media: Ethernet 10baseT/UTP (10baseT/UTP <half-duplex>)
        status: active

So, yeah, I get my new lease just fine. But it doesn't mention anything
about DNS ... and when I run a tcpdump on the adsl host, I don't see any
traffic on port 53. It's like it's just ignoring that part of
dhclient.conf completely.

Is there something I missing or have messed up in my dhclient.conf


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