On 2004-07-08 16:38, Jake Zhen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> hi.
> my computer has two disks with 1.5 GB each.  during instillation, i created
> four slices: ad0s1,ad0s2,ad1s1,and ad1s2.  how do i mount all these slices
> using Mount pt. in FreeBSD Disklabel Editor?  what letter shoud i type when
> it ask for mount pt.?

In FreeBSD disks have slices and then each slice has "partitions".  In
general, you don't mount slices.  There are -- of course -- exceptions
but let's not make things too difficult to grasp :-).

If you're confused about formatting and mounting media (disks, floppies,
cdroms) in FreeBSD you should probably skim through the article:

"Formatting Media For Use With FreeBSD"


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