Jonathan Chen wrote:

On Thu, Jul 08, 2004 at 08:54:45AM -0500, Mike J wrote:

I have a question. One of the new guys went into one of our BSD servers and
changed the root environment from the default to /bin/bash and bash isn't
installed on this box, therefore we are having trouble su'ing in and even
logging in at the console. Anyone have any ideas on how to get in.

Boot into single user (just hit the reset button when all is quite and hit the space bar during the appropriate boot-prompt), and it will allow you to specify the shell to use in single user mode (/bin/sh by default).

   # fsck -y
   # mount -a
   # vipw

should do the trick.

if u have a user that is a memeber of the wheel group you can try and copy bash to /bin
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