Am Freitag, 9. Juli 2004 00:07 schrieb Brad Tarver:
> are there any good 32-bit ata/100 raid cards for Freebsd 5.2.1? that are
> natively supported? I only need raid1 capability.

The 3 ware controllers are excellent but a bit expensive. In the low cost area 
there is a something like a DC-100 (HPT372 Chipset) which I can recommend, 
since HighPoint offers drivers for FreeBSD (haven't tested 5.2.1, only 4.10).
Never touch a sil0680, atarid support for thet controller (like for the 
HPT372) is completely broken in -current and never really worked before (you 
can use your disks but in case of a faulure you can't rebuild the array).
The only cards which work flawlessly with the internal ataraid driver are the 
promise cars, I'd go for a FastTrak TX2 100 if mone plays the biggest role.
This all applies to pATA, I've never tried any sATA!


(the one who recently had very painful experiences with cheap RAID controller 

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