For naive users (as I am under FreeBSD 5), /etc/rc.d and <> beg the question: "What variables do I need to enable in rc.conf?" Is the intention that users will add an _enable variable for each of the 113 scripts in /etc/rc.d they use, or only a subset?

The Handbook doesn't list the scripts that are toggled via rc.conf (which is good from a maintenance perspective), but is a there an efficient way to get such a list, or is it really just 'ls /etc/rc.d'?

I see mentions of RCng and rc.conf in /usr/ports/UPDATING, but they're not suitable for extracting a complete list. Reading UPDATING, I get the impression all ports will eventually use RCng, but most of the scripts I have installed don't yet -- is the following a suitable test for port scripts?

grep '^# KEYWORD:' /usr/local/etc/rc.d/*


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