I just purchased a new HP Proliant DL585 quad-opteron system.  The only
"supported" OS's are SuSE and RedHat Enterprise.  But, I thought what the
heck I'll try trusty FBSD on it. 4.10 installed perfectly, however I really
want 64-bit support.. So it looks like 5.2.1-RELEASE for me.

However, when trying to boot into setup from the minimal install CD, I hit a

mss_probe: no address given, try 0x530
mss_detect, busy still set (0xff)

This repeats enough times that it scrolls off the screen and I can't tell
exactly what happens before it, and the system is frozen so I can't scroll

The machine has an integrated Broadcom Gigabit, which it detects fine, and a
HP Smart Array RAID controller, which it also seems to detect.  That's the
only peripherals that I'm using.  I've tried disabling the integrated
"lights-out" processor and changing IRQ's of the PCI devices with no luck,

The RAID controller is in a 133MHz PCI-x slot, if that makes a difference.

Help PLEASE! I don't want to be "forced" to put Linux on this beast!

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