On Sat, 2004-07-10 at 10:03, Kristian Holdich wrote:
> Hi,
> I've recently installed FreeBSD 5.2.1 onto my home pc to use as a
> desktop OS and am working through getting it going just right. I have
> some experience with administrating earlier versions as headless servers
> with 4.x and Solaris, but very little experience with multimedia. I have
> a ton of little questions, and minor niggles that i'm sure could be
> solved by RTFM and a lot that will be down to personal preference ;)
> First up, the system is was an absolute minimal 5.2.1 install, no X, no
> packages etc. First thing I did was build cvsup in ports, cvsup ports
> and get portupgrade going. I've recompiled the kernel a few times tuning
> it to my hardware, getting scsi support for my ide cdrw amongst other
> things. I installed x.org from source and put gnome2 / gdm on top of it.
> The NVIDIA drivers are running accelerated and my Aureal Vortex2 sound
> card works. On top of that I have linux-flash running on Firebird 0.9.1,
> Evolution as a mail client and OpenOffice.org running happily.
> All in all it's working pretty good, but there are some issues :)
> When i su - root, the DISPLAY doesn't seem to get set properly and root
> can't open X windows, I can hack this in roots profile, but is there a
> better way of doing it?
> Speaking of root, i'm so used to Bash i'd like to switch to it for the
> root user - is there any gotchas with moving bash to /bin and updating
> /etc/shells to allow it?
> More media orientated questions, when using Gentoo during bootup before
> X started you could switch the console into VESA SVGA and have high
> resolution, including having a graphical splash screen to obscure the
> boot text before X came up - is there any way to do that.
> Another thing Gentoo had was a very flashy screen for GDM, and I assume
> KDM too - anyone knowof resources for doing something like that, even if
> it's just clip art of Beastie.
> Boot sequence, I have FreeBSD on the master drive and Win98 for gaming
> on the slave drive, but the boot loader never picked up Win98 during
> install what do I edit it get it to see it, or should I install an
> alternative loader such as Grub?
> I have my fat32 filesystem mounted at /mnt/windows:
> /dev/ad1s1     /mnt/windows    msdos   rw    0  0
> But it mounts 700 as root, what should I use to change it to 775
> root:wheel?
> Onto mplayer, got this installed with all the codecs, and installed the
> skins and fonts to get it graphical, but it just wont seem to start up
> with a gui, and yes i'm using gmplayer any suggestions? Another odd
> thing is after it finishes playing it messes up the console and somehow
> turns off local echo - anyone experienced this?
> DVD playback, neither mplayer nor xine seem to recognise my dvd, i did
> the kernel tweaks and devfs tweaks in the handbook:
> lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  5 Jul  9 20:14 /dev/cdrom -> acd0
> lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  3 Jul  9 20:14 /dev/dvd -> acd0
> lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  4 Jul  9 20:14 /dev/rdvd -> acd0
> CDRW burning, what works well on FreeBSD? - I've been a bit spoiled by
> Nero on Windows so ideally want something as hassle free as that, used
> XCDRoast on Linux and it wasn't bad.
try k2b work great for me in linux 
> Anyway thanks in advance, no doubt more questions will come up
> With Regards
> Kristian
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