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> Hello,
> I had been having difficulty recently with getting my fbsd 4.9 machine to 
> connect to my linksys home wireless router and because of the problem, had 
> to upgrade to fbsd 5.2.1 and noticed more activity out of my wireless card.
> The computer is a Toshiba Satellite 2405-S221 with a Avaya Wireless PCMCIA 
> card using the wi drivers to run it. I'm able to associate with the router 
> at home and am able to ping it without a problem but I can not browse 
> webpages and the like. I also have bsd-airtools installed and have used 
> dstumbler, the only problem being is that the program doesn't see my 
> wireless card.
> Any tips or suggestions?
> Doug

Just at a glance is the router actually preforming NAT for you ? Are you getting an IP 
address via DHCP or static? If you use the dstumbler command can you see your own WLAN?
First pass on your mail suggests that maybe you can connect to the network but cannot 
get out of it. Personally I use dstumbler to get the network associated then I need to 
config by hand and add a default route. I use fixed dns servers so that is never an 
issue but perhaps your situation is different. Can you talk me a bit through the steps 
you take to be able to ping your wireless router?



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