I'm on a Dell Latitude D600 with a CD-RW/DVD-R. When I try to mount the drive I get an error:

 5 # mount /dev/acd0 /cdrom
 mount: /dev/acd0: Input/output error

But dmesg says:

 acd0: CDRW <QSI CD-RW/DVD-ROM SBW242U> at ata1-master PIO4

So although my drive is recognized correctly, it doesn't work with FreeBSD. But it worked for building and installing FreeBSD a few days ago, so I know the drive is functional. How do I get the drive to mount? Does it make any difference that I am running GNOME 2.6?

I have some another disk mounting question, too. Sometimes when I try to mount the CD drive I get an error that goes something like:

 Incorrect super block

What does this error mean? What does it mean in reference to a hard drive? What does it mean in reference to a CD drive?

- Jason
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