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I remember reading in The Complete FreeBSD, by Greg Lehey, that
you'll be better off with an ISP that runs FreeBSD or BSD/OS. Can
anyone provide a scenario(s) where this would be most apparent?

If you have problems and call their tech support.

A number of ISPs in the past, when I've had problems and called, they
say, "do this with Windows" and when I say I'm not using Windows they
reply that they don't support anything but, and therefore can't help
me.  That's been in spite of the fact that I've done everything
reasonable to determine that the problem is _NOT_ on my end, they
simply refuse to do _any_ diagnostic work if I wasn't using Windows.

The situation seems to be getting better, and nowadays, I just lie
and say I'm using Windows and execute the equivalent commands in
FreeBSD and explain the result.

I don't know what OS my ISP uses but I do know that they only
support Windows and Mac platforms. I've run OS/2 and FreeBSD using
their email services and never really needed technical support.

As long as you never need tech support, you'll probably never have a
problem, nor care what OS your ISP uses.  After all, the Internet was
designed to be OS-independent ... when everything is working

Now, I'm considering a new ISP primarily due to cost.   Also,
considering obtaining my own domain name and exploring web hosting.

I assume that recommending an ISP is inappropriate but if you know
of any forums that have discussed ISPs for FreeBSD, feel free to
recommend them.

I don't think it's inappropriate.

I don't know of any nationwide ISPs that support/use FreeBSD, but if
you're in the Pittsburgh, PA area, city-net is FreeBSD friendly. Otherwise, you could give your location and if someone knows a
FreeBSD friendly ISP in your area, I'm sure he'll let you know.

Look at their web page with Netcraft, it will tell you what their web server is and I think that is a good clue as to what the rest of their setup.

Use "What's that site running" at

Clearly service and technical support are major issues and easily compromised if parties
involved are speaking a different language. I will spend the time to locate an ISP that is
capable of supporting FreeBSD.

I did come across the FreeBSD ISP list earlier in my research but thought it was dedicated
solely to those running ISPs. Will give it a second look.

As previously mentioned, I intend to look for an ISP that is FreeBSD-friendly. I live in
northern New Jersey in a small town adjacent to Boonton. Boonton always appears at the
top of the list of ISP access numbers. Must be a major hub of sorts.

BTW, I already had a bookmark on the netcraft website.

Thanks everyone for your valued input.

Bob Perry

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