I gave my entire laptop's hard drive to FreeBSD, but I am beginning to have second thoughts - a lot of my devices don't work. I think I might try dual booting FreeBSD and, say, Gentoo. So this will probably work, because I'm only using a small portion of the disk at present:

  17 root # df -m
  Filesystem  1M-blocks Used Avail Capacity  Mounted on
  /dev/ad0s1a       247  123   104    54%    /
  devfs               0    0     0   100%    /dev
  /dev/ad0s1g      8931    0  8216     0%    /home
  /dev/ad0s1e       989    0   910     0%    /tmp
  /dev/ad0s1f     24790 3621 19186    16%    /usr
  /dev/ad0s1d       989   37   872     4%    /var

What is a good way to make space on my disk? If I just repartition /usr and /home, I'll probably screw them up. So if I tar up each of the partitions, and maybe etc and some other junk as well, and then:

  1. Reformat and reinstall. Put on Gentoo and BSD.
  2. Go into the BSD slice and nuke everything, then unpack my tarballs.

do I have a good chance of everything working right?

- Jason
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