I have a LSI MegaRaid Raid card with 5x 36gig raid 5 scsi drives..


This gives me 144gig of  useable space. 133 GIG if u do the 1024 bytes

So really its 133gig of useable space all up.


Now my /home is getting reported at 108gig(which is right) But for some
reason its saying 97gig free and 2.4 gig used.. 

Im confussed where the other 8.5gig or so is gone??


First I thought it counted the bytes in 1000 not 1024.. But even saying that
I should have more space then I have..


/dev/amrd0s1a   2.9G    50M   2.6G     2%    /

devfs           1.0K   1.0K     0B   100%    /dev

/dev/amrd0s1h   108G   2.4G    97G     2%    /home

/dev/amrd0s1g   871M    34K   801M     0%    /tmp

/dev/amrd0s1d   4.4G   1.2G   2.8G    31%    /usr

/dev/amrd0s1e   1.9G    27M   1.8G     1%    /var

/dev/amrd0s1f    13G   2.1M    12G     0%    /var/log





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