Hi Eric,

What do you prefer for a 2U rack mount server case?  I want to keep the
cost down, but I want something that looks nice and is functional.

As much as I wonder how "something that looks nice" could be added to the wishlist for a rackmount server, here's my two cents.

I've been using Chieftec's 1U cases for a while now. I'm sure there are better cases around, but, in comparison to one el cheapo Mapower I laid my hands on last year, they're rugged and offer great (exceptional?) value for money. I'd buy a Chieftec 2U without blinking.

Also, due to pretty low costs, you could have a spare around.

Also, a good UPS rack mount?

Sorry, can't help you there, other than that I've heard one UPS professional mutter that APC's offerings are 'pieces of sh*t'.

HTH and good luck... Nico
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