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> I run FreeBSD4.10-Release and I want to set up a kernel-level PPPoE server.
> The problem is I can't find a way to make pppd work with pppoed. As you
> know, pppoed executes "exec /usr/sbin/ppp -direct label" by default, but it
> can be passed any other line to execute. Pppoed(8) says: "The child process
> will have standard input and standard output attached to the same
> netgraph(4) data socket (see ng_socket(4)) when started." Unfortunately,
> pppd has no analog of "direct" option for ppp. If we execute pppd without
> any tty_name, then it assumes "/dev/tty" and, as expected, exits after an
> error: "Failed to open /dev/tty: Device not configured".
> Since pppoed can execute any line, we can run any script or program before
> we invoke pppd. So, is there any way to open a pseudo-terminal that would
> connect to current standart input and standart output? Pppoed opens a pppoe
> connection via ng_pppoe and ng_socket, all we need for pppd to work is a
> device (tty) representing the data socket.
> Is there any other way to get pppd and pppoed working together?
> Is there any other way to set up a fast pppoe server under FreeBSD?

Is there any particular reason why you insist on using the kernel
pppd?  This whole question of speed is a shibboleth -- any tiny little
increase you might get between running user mode PPP vs kernel mode
PPP[1] is entirely outweighed by the fact that the limiting factor is
the available downstream bandwidth.  Even if you have 10 Mb/s cable,
either of those PPP implementations will be able to pump data down the
link at full speed without breaking into a sweat.

If you need your PPPoE setup and running any time soon, I suggest
using the usermode PPP.  On the other hand, patches to the kernel mode
PPP to add the functionality you need would certainly be well



[1] And don't assume that kernel mode PPP will automatically be faster
in this sense either.  You'ld need to make some quite careful
measurements to be able to say for sure.

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