Hi again to everyone,

Since I just sent an Email to this list a while ago about my problems with my onboard sound card that comes with my Asus P4P800S Motherboard, I thought that maybe I should also ask this question on the list...

I have a:
Asus P4P800S Motherboard
Pentium4 2.8 E GHz
GeForce NVidia FX-5500

FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE-p9 FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE-p9 #1: Fri Jul 9 21:45:05 JST 2004 i386
I have a installed the nvidia on the ports for my GeForce NVidia FX-5500

Everything is running at present but this was before I removed the SMP option from my customize kernel.
When SMP in enabled in my kernel my monitor just displays grey and white and some garbled characters and I can not do anything...If I use X.org's "nv" driver, everything works fine...
But there is this feeling in me that I should use the native FreeBSD nvidia driver so, I just comment out the SMP option in my kernel (because this was the last thing that I did before I tried the nvidia driver) and monitor displays correctly...

My question is, is there any connection with enabling HyperThreading and using the native FreeBSD nvidia video card driver?
I am not an expert on this but I think the above question sounds strange...But, if my question is valid, can anybody give me advice on how to configure my system by using both the SMP and the native FreeBSD nvidia driver...

Thank you again...

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