Is there anyone who can help me with Postfix configuretion under FreeBSD?While running 
the system its says fine.
/usr/local/sbin/postfix reload
postfix/postfix-script: refreshing the Postfix mail system
But while sending the mail it gives error:
postfix/smtp[723]: warning: relayhost configuration problem: boltest.com

postfix/smtp[723]: 2BDBF2F: to=<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, relay=none, delay=1, 
status=deferred (Name service error for boltest.com: Host not found)
One more thing i like to know, whether it is essential for me to configure DNS for 
Postfix configuration?
I'm too much confused after continueous working with Postfix for all most 12 hours.So, 
could you please help me by providing me a 99% running configuration of Postfix under 

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