Edmund Morgan disturbed my sleep to write:
> Hi,
> Can I apply the packages for FreeBSD 4.9 to the FreeBSD 4.10 OS?
> Thanks

As a rule, there shouldn't be any problem with this.  After all, people
regularly upgrade by running "make world" -- this bumps up their version
of FreeBSD, but leaves their packages unchanged.  I suppose there's a
chance that a change in FreeBSD could break a package, but I think
that's pretty unlikely.

The only downside to using old packages is, well, they're old -- newer
versions may have extra features, or (more importantly) may have
security or bug fixes.  The best way to upgrade is to use the
portupgrade tool, which can be found in /usr/ports/sysutils.  A good
introduction to portupgrade can be found at:


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