For what this is worth...

It looks like something loaded. That 'ok' prompt is not what I would really
call a bootloader in the sense of allowing you to pick an OS/partition to
load. It comes up when the system can't find a bootable kernel; thus the
'trying kernel.old'. It's what you get when you screw up a kernel
re-compile, but I'm assuming you haven't gotten that far yet. IIRC, there
are a certain number of commands you can run at that prompt. Type a '?' to
list them. I think you get a small number of shell cmds, too.

Part of the system loaded (it may all have loaded) but there's no bootable
kernel, which leaves you with pretty much nothing. It it were me, I'd just
try it again. It sounds like it's a pretty cut and dried install. I've never
had much luck w/Debian; if you can make that work, you can make FreeBSD

Did you download a CD image? Maybe burn a new one. Or try a network

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> This is a one hard drive system, and it is a single boot system. I
> can't say what the exact message is, because I replaced the "broken"
> FreeBSD with Debian (which was what was on it before) until I figure
> out what is going wrong, but it wasn't far from "unable to load
> kernel, trying kernel.old... unable to load kernel.old" and then it
> went to the "ok" prompt of what I am assuming to be the bootloader
> that FreeBSD put on.
> Thanks again,
> Jeff Erickson
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> Subject: Re: Person new to FreeBSD needs help...
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> Jeff Erickson disturbed my sleep to write:
> > I am new to FreeBSD and am having a problem. I downloaded the ISOs of
> > Disk 1 and 2
> > of version 4.10 and go through the installation and everything seems
> > to be fine until I reboot. Then it says that it cannot load the kernel
> > or kernel.old. What am I doing wrong?
> Very strange -- those files should've been copied over as part of the
> installation.  Are you able to post the exact message you get?
> Does your installation span more than one disk?  Is this a dual-boot
> machine?  Is there anything at all unusual about your setup?
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