> > > 1. Can't add /usr/local/mysql/bin to the PATH var from the main
> > > configuration... Tried to add:
> > > ...
> Modifying the default path setting in /etc/login.conf works well, and
> applies to all shells.  Remember to run 'cap_mkdb /etc/login.conf'
> after your edits.

I found the problem by using the echoes in /etc/profile... efectively the PATH 
was updated as desired, but... when logging in the .profile overrided the 
PATH var instead of simply update it... I commented the PATH=... in 
the .profile and problem got fixed automagically...

> > > 2. MySQL is working fine now, but now that am creating/porting a
> > > client application, once compiled it does not find
> > > libmysqlclient.so... tried to append the path to /etc/ld.so.conf and
> >
> > Edit /etc/rc.conf and add your path to ldconfig_paths, or create a
> >
> That just moves the mysql shlibs from /usr/local/mysql/lib to
> /usr/local/lib/mysql -- the mysqlXX-client port will install
> /usr/local/etc/rc.d/000.mysql-client.sh to add /usr/local/lib/mysql to
> the search path for shlibs automatically.  However that can be run too
> late in the startup sequence for some purposes.  In that case, you can
> use the 'ldconfig_paths' variable in /etc/rc.conf:

Well what I did is add the path to ldconfig_paths in /etc/defaults/rc.conf (/
etc/rc.conf was empty and as far as I understood to override the 1st one, not 
to update it) and everything is working now...

Oh, one additional comment for those who would like to compile MySQL source 
instead using prebuilt binaries... I had too many troubles compiling MySQL... 
this is the right way: do *NOT* use the environment vars that are required to 
compile (CXX, etc...) as shown in the mysql/INSTALL-SOURCE...  in the MySQL 
site at the downloads section, at FreeBSD read the FreeBSD platform notes, it 
uses different configuration settings! if you don't take care of that will 
lose days dealing with the 'sizeof (char)' error and lots of 'sed' errors 
during the ./configure


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