That's it Matt.  Cycling the power on the modem did the trick.  I guess the
modem itself is registered with the ISP - that's how they know if it's legit
or not.

Thanks to all who helped this newbie out!

Jim C.

On Mon 7/12/2004 2:01 AM Matt Haley wrote:

>I have here. What seems to happen is that the cable modem
>itself latches  on (so to speak) to the MAC address of the nic you're
>using. Usually, all that is required is to power cycle the cable modem
>and it should see the new nic and you'll be able to get your DHCP


>>On Sun, 11 Jul 2004 10:10:41 -0500, James A. Coulter
>><[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I am running FreeBSD 4.10 and am trying to connect to my Cox ISP via a an
>> Ethernet nic and cable modem.
>> I have DHCP for the nic enabled in /etc/rc.conf and can obtain an IP
>> from my Windows 98 gateway, but when I connect the nic to the cable modem
>> and reboot I do not get a response from the cox DHCP server.
>> The nic shows active in ifconfig, but no IP is assigned to it.
>> I suspect the Cox DHCP server is expecting a username and password from
>> dhclient.conf
>> I googled and the closest answer I found was a short article in the
>> Diary published in 2000 that gave this as an example dhclient.conf:
>> interface "de0" {
>> send host-name "cr123456-a";
>> request subnet-mask, broadcast-address, routers, domain-name-servers,
>> domain-name, time-servers;
>> require domain-name-servers;
>> }
>> I tried substituting my own interface and looked up the hostname info cox
>> provided to my Windows 98 box and swapped the computer names, but no
>> Is my hunch correct?  When I set up my Windows boxes to connect to Cox
>> their CD, it always asked for the main account username and password – so
>> I'm guessing when the dhcp client sends out its request for an address,
>> Cox DHCP server is expecting a username and password.
>> Can anyone tell me how to send the username and password?
>> TIA,
>> Jim C.

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