Does anyone have any suggestions on wireless cards to use with
FreeBSD? I used to have a USR 2410 but I could never get it to work
under Linux and I eventually accidentally smashed it in my messenger
bag. Now I have a WPC11v4 piece of tripe with the Realtek chipset, for
which Realtek only release drivers for Redhat Linux. But it's flaky
anyway -- it seems like it's resetting the card every time the
configuration changes, and it is constantly searching for different
access points, so I constantly get little bumps in wireless service
and it often disconnects me from clients requiring persistent
connections (messenger services, etc) -- so I want to get a new card.
I'd like to be able to use this card on FreeBSD, because I'd really
like to ditch Windows.

I'm looking at a "Cisco Aironet 350 PCM352 Wireless PC Card" on ebay.
Has anyone ever actually gotten this to work on FreeBSD? What about a
pre-v4 WPC11? Any success with the D-Link DWL-650 (and if so, any
chipset or other caveats with that?)?

Any help would be appreciated.
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