Jason Dusek wrote:

> Hi,
> Yesterday I built the ndis module (ndis.ko) but I can't seem to load it:
>    5 # ls /sys/modules/ndis/ | grep 'ndis'
>    kern_ndis.o
>    ndis.kld
>    ndis.ko
>    subr_ndis.o
>    6 # kldload -v /sys/modules/ndis/ndis.ko
>    kldload: can't load /sys/modules/ndis/ndis.ko: No such file or
> I'm running 5.2.1, and I have not done a buildworld since I installed from
> CD. Is there something wrong with kldload? Will 'make world' with new
source fix
> this problem?

"/sys" is usually a symbolic link pointing to "/usr/src/sys". Kldload might
not follow symlinks.

Have a nice,

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