Thank you for your reply Thomas,
This time I think I am asking the right questions because I get responses...
Well, I checked my FreeBSD-Current ML and found out that a certain Mr. Gordon Bergling sent an email with a subject "unknown AC97 Codec", These are his specs:

ASUS A7V600, on which running a 5.2.1-RELEASE-p9.
| pcm0: <VIA VT8233X> port 0xe000-0xe0ff irq 22 at device 17.5 on pci0
| pcm0: <Unknown AC97 Codec (id = 0x41445368)>
Line-In and Line-Out are working proberly so far.
/dev/sndstat says:
|pcm0: <VIA VT8233X> at io 0xe000 irq 22 (5p/1r/5v channels duplex

It it means that some ASUS Motherboards on FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE-p9 have problems like this...He also said that his sound is good...

I have the Asus P4P800E which has a similar onboard audio. Even though it says unknown AC97 codec mine still works. Are you not getting sound at all?

I just purchased a pair of speakers yesterday and spent some time reading the User Guide...I tried to connect my speakers to the Lime colored Line out (don't know the technical word) jack?? but no sound came out and tried it to the other 2 jacks?? (Pink color and Light Blue color)...again no sound...
But since, both you and Mr. Gordon Bergling says that sound is working well...I will try to test again, when I get back home...

Thank you again...

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