BSDjunkie wrote:
> Hello all!
> Seems like there is a lot of activity on the cvs-all
> mailing list...however I was wondering what the
> information that passes through that list can do for
> me?
> I am not a developer and do not wish to track the
> 'bleeding edge'.
> Other than telling me what files are being modified
> and how many lines of code were added or
> taken-away...what benefit does that knowlege have for
> me?

Well, that is exactly the purpose of that list: to give developpers an
overview about what's happening in other parts of the CVS repositiory.

If you're not a developper, there is no reason to subscribe to that list
-- even as user who is running -CURRENT: There is the current@ mailing
list for discussions about the `bleeding edge' (development, testing,
debugging, etc.)

There is also a weekly summary about the cvs-src mailing list, so both
interested users and developers can inform themselves abouts what's
going on: (also posted to current@)


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