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On Tue, 13 Jul 2004 11:07:57 +1000
Ron Joordens <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Morning Everyone,

Having only a dial-up connection at home, I try to download most of the
large files I need for FreeBSD at work. To date I have to sit down in
front of the pc, run portupgrade with the fetch only option and then note
down the url's and file names of the needed files. Of course when a large
file comes along (anything over 3 to 4 meg), after I note the details I
press ctrl c to interupt and move to the next file. Problem is this skips
files. So the next day, after I have fetched the files I noted at work
and placed them in distfiles, I run portupgrade again to discover I still
need a whole stack of files and the next day again, and the next day
again, etc. It takes a few days to fetch all files and is extremly

I was playing with Gentoo the other day and discovered that it has a
pretend option that prints out all the files needed and their urls
(several for each file). What a time saver!

I tried portupgrade with the -n pretend option to see how it worked.
However, it does not give url's and it seems to lists the version of the
port it is upgrading from rather than the version it is upgrading to.

Does anyone know if portupgrade provides such functionality?

gauging by the man page, i would say no.

i have noticed that there is often more than one url for a given port.  you
could manually assemble a list of the files you will need (including
dependencies) by checking the Makefile for each port or using a web-based
resource like freebsd.org/ports or freshports.org.

you will also want to know what packages you already have installed

You can do a "make fetch-recursive-list" in the port directory and pipe the output into a file to take to work.


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