I'm getting an "Unable to find device node for
/dev/da0s1b in /dev" error that is causing
installation to abort.  The disk is a 4x200GB IDE
RAID array.


I see "Adaptec 2400A ATA-100 RAID controller ( asr(4)
driver)" in the list; do I need to do anything
special, or will the driver load with the standard mfs
and kernel floppies?


I'm sorry but I don't /know/. But the driver floppy image doesn't have the driver included (according to the DRIVERS.TXT file) - it is possible that the driver is not included on the floppies just to save space. You might want to download the miniinst.iso from


burn it to a blank cd and see if you can boot from the CD. Note that the URL above is for the i386 platform (ordinary PC) only. For other platforms, you'll need to go to the respective directory on the FTP server - I guess you'll find the file :-)

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