On Wed, 1 Jan 1997 03:09:57 -0600 (CST)

> hi,
>   I'm new to freebsd and was wondering if there is documentation on
>   howto set up a gamepad on freebsd.  I have a gravis pad that
>   supports both usb and standard game ports but I am not sure how 
> to set it up?  what are the steps to loading it up as a kernel
> module using kldload? does the game i am playing need to support usb
> in order to use the usb port? can i simply load a driver and assume
> the application will respond to it?  In this case i am playing quake
> 2.  It works fine on freebsd, but i would like to use a gamepad for
> it.  Thanks for your time.

Well it should work under ugen. So as long as that is loaded, which is
by defualt, you are cool.

The harder part is getting it to play nicely with X. There is of how
to map around the KB IO. Custom keymap? There is usbhidaction, but it
does not meet the needs for gaming, just remotes and the like. There
is usbhidctl, but I am lost on it.
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